Independence Twp. Police Department L3 Body Worn Cameras

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286 B Rt. 46. GREAT MEADOWS, N.J. 07838

P.O. Box 8 Great Meadows, N.J. 07838


(908) 852-4440

The Independence Twp. Police Department would like to inform the public that we are now outfitted with L3 Body Worn Cameras.  Officers will be equipped with Body Worn Cameras as well as our current Mobile Vehicle Recorders in an effort to capture almost all patrol-citizen encounters.  Officers will be wearing the Body Worn Cameras on either the front left or front right portion of their exterior vest carriers.  In addition to officers being required to activate the Body Worn Cameras during citizen encounters and calls for service, Supervisors will be required to conduct periodic reviews for quality control purposes.

Public support for Body Worn Cameras has increased and many residents are coming to expect that officers will be equipped with some kind of recording technology in the performance of their duties.  There is consistent public demand for the release of Body Worn Camera footage in the wake of critical incidents involving police interactions.  This footage provides objective evidence of what occurred and plays crucial role in the public discourse around police accountability.  Body Worn Cameras also serve as a powerful deterrent to misconduct by both the police and members of the public interacting with police.  As such, Body Worn Cameras have gained wide support among public and law enforcement alike.

The use of the Body Cameras will follow the guidelines issued by the New Jersey Attorney General as well as the policy implemented by the Independence Twp. Police Department.

Lt. OIC Christopher Prell

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