2020 Census Information

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Responding is important. A complete count helps ensure that services like Medicare, Medicaid,
social security, and public transportation can support those who need them. Each year, the
federal government distributes more than $675 billion to communities based on Census data.
Responding is safe. All of the information you share is protected by law and cannot be used
against you.

Responding is accessible. We are doing everything we can to ensure the ways to respond are
accessible for everyone.

The census provides vital information for you and your community:
• Responses are used to redraw legislative districts and determine the number of seats your
state has in the U.S. House of Representatives.
• Communities rely on census statistics to plan for resident needs including new roads,
schools, and emergency services.
• It counts every person living in the United States regardless of their country of origin or
immigration status; this includes children, newborn babies, grandparents, friends, nonrelatives,
and everyone who is living or staying in a household as of April 1, 2020.
• It helps determine which areas qualify for the critical resources families depend on for the
next 10 years! Examples include food assistance, Head Start, childcare, housing support,
public schools, early intervention services for children with special needs, children’s
health insurance, and more.

For each person not counted, their community loses out on more than $20,000 over 10 years!
Respond online, by phone, or by mail starting March 16th, 2020.

According to the US Census Bureau, over 20% of Hackettstown,
Mansfield Township, Washington Borough, & Phillipsburg residents
did NOT respond to the 2010 census!

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